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Child rehabilitation solutions

Due to the diversity and complexity of pain, it is difficult to achieve a satisfactory effect of pain treatment only by one treatment measure in clinical therapeutics. Acute pain is often accompanied by some diseases or trauma, while chronic pain, especially neuropathic pain, is itself a disease.
Pain can lead to dysfunction of various systems of the human body and decline of immunity. It can also cause people to have various bad emotions, affect sleep, seriously affect the quality of life of patients, and even greatly shorten people's life.
For a long time in the past, the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain was equal to that of acute pain scattered in various disciplines. These disciplines carried out routine treatment of pain and painful diseases from different angles, but many patients with intractable pain did not receive timely and appropriate treatment.
Pain rehabilitation should not only pay attention to the use of physiotherapy equipment, but also pay attention to the treatment of muscle adjustment, and achieve a radical cure through the change of biomechanics.


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